Photo courtesy of the University of the South

Sewanee's 13,000-acre campus, otherwise known as the "Domain." (Photo courtesy of the University of the South)

Sewanee: University of the South
A Q&A with Sewanee's Domain Manager, Nate Wilson, to learn more about Sewanee's land use decisions on our 13,000-acre campus.
Blog by Matthew Seedorff
Blog by Matthew Seedorff
There's plenty of presents underneath, but what's on the needles of your Christmas tree? One organic farmer is growing trees without harmful pesticides for moral and spiritual reasons.
Would you climb a 300 foot tree to measure climate change? This week our WEBISODE focuses on some pretty daring work done by a research team from Humboldt State University led by Steve Sillet.
The forests in the Southern US act as carbon sinks, but their future rests in the hands of private landowners. Watch>>
The Montana Legacy Project buys 310,000 acres of prime timber holdings to prevent real estate development and save the lands for public use and sustainable forestry.