Food Waste

Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
A food factory in the UK is taking the term "plant power" to a new level: It runs on potatoes.
Planet Forward, The George Washington University
Climate-KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community), Europe’s main climate innovation initiative, recently hosted “hackathons” simultaneously in 16 cities around the world. D.C.'s event was at GW.
Iowa State University
We all know that Washington D.C. is known for being home to the White House, the President, and many monuments, memorials, and museums. (Oh, my!) But did you know that, in 2013, D.C. was also home to approximately 650 thousand people; 18.6% of them... Read More
MEANS Database/American University
The ongoing existence of food insecurity coupled with the emerging threat of climate change demands better use of existing food resources. As agricultural production grows more difficult in environments challenged by shifting temperature and weather... Read More
Explorers in America
Waste doesn't have to stay waste. Tommy and Benji visit a plant that's turning everything into something useful.
Explorers in America
Powered by old vegetable oil and dumpster food, Guisseppe travels the country giving out free tea to strangers in his tricked-out school bus.  
The George Washington University
Presentation counts when it comes to food competition shows, but should it count so much when you're at the supermarket?
American University
Sometimes good food falls through the cracks and becomes waste. These guys catch it, and turn it into a community service.
Video by Eric Estroff and Sam Cohen
Video by Eric Estroff and Sam Cohen
The George Washington University Student
What can we do to reduce the 35 million tons of wasted food produced annually in the U.S.?
American University
When discussing food production in America, a lot of images come to mind. Giant piles of waste aren't one of them - but they should be.