Food Waste

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | Cornell University
There's a lot to love about Trader Joe's, including their impressive food donation program, which benefits local communities of each and every store.
Female Black Soldier Fly deposits her eggs in cardboard. Photo by Gee W., 2013.
Planet Forward Correspondent | Sewanee: The University of the South
Undergraduate student Chris Hornsby ('19) studies black soldier fly larvae as a possible means of closed-loop waste processing and livestock feeding at Sewanee's University Farm.
The George Washington University
The Food Recovery Network, a nonprofit started by students at the University of Maryland, recovers unused food from university cafeterias and brings them to community members in need.
University of Wisconsin
Produce is held to high aesthetic standards. Many so-called "ugly" fruits and vegetables never make it past the farm, which can result in food waste.
Loyola University of Chicago
A short documentary style film exploring the different sustainable compost actions on Loyola's campus.
George Washington University
The Compost Pedallers in Austin, Texas, started a creative initiative in 2012 that has helped increase awareness about composting, while lessening their city's carbon footprint and making it greener.
The George Washington University
Organizations like Hungry Harvest are working to reduce food waste by selling "ugly" produce.
Colonial Composting
Colonial Composting
The George Washington University
Volunteer-led efforts of GW students to create a composting program help to reduce food waste on campus.

(Alan Levine/Creative Commons)

George Mason University
If we can just solve the food waste problem, we could have enough food to feed everyone — even with a growing world population.
The George Washington University
Learn about food waste while discovering ways to combat it in the D.C. community.