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University of Wisconsin-Madison
I am both a cook and food science student. I am interested in studying the difference between home cooking and food processing in food industry. I made this video just because I found it very hard to cook potato chips at my home. I just wonder how... Read More

M.J. Altman, the editorial director for the World Food Program USA, was a part of a trip to Bangladesh with the organization in 2015. (Photo courtesy M.J. Altman)

George Washington University
Editorial director at World Food Program USA M.J. Altman uncovers the hidden human stories about people and food on the frontlines of hunger in her podcast called “Hacking Hunger.”
Fighting food waste with Food Forward
George Washington University
Southern California produces a sizable country of the nation's produce, yet the community has a sizable proportion of its residents who are food insecure; Food Forward is a new NGO that recovers and redistributes food to hunger relief organizations... Read More
Kansas State University
A lecture covering global food production emphasizes the importance of intensification for sustainable agriculture around the world.
The George Washington University, Spring 2016 Video Intern
Thoughtful consumers across the country have made the switch from factory-farmed beef to organic options, in an attempt to be less cruel and more sustainable. But is grass-fed the answer?
The George Washington University
Educating disadvantaged areas of DC in safe and healthy food production, and donating fresh foods to hungry families. 
Oswin Chackochan
Oswin Chackochan
Planet Forward
What do you need to know about telling the story of agriculture in the age of climate change? Here's the second part of your answer
FoodFWD Begins
FoodFWD Begins
Planet Forward
What do you need to know about telling the story of agriculture in the age of climate change? Here's your answer.
University of Arizona
We don’t pay much attention to the global food supply, but what happens when it starts impinging on our snacking?
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Planet Forward fellow Tara Sonenshine interviews key USDA scientists and policymakers on the challenge of feeding an expanding world.