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The 2018 Summit closed with the highly anticipated Storyfest 2018 grand prize awards ceremony to see which six student storytellers will be traveling to Alaska this June.
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Our first stop in Nebraska is in Lincoln: NET Nebraska, the headquarters for the state's network of public radio and television stations. Here the group met with experienced storytellers to learn more about environmental challenges that have been covered and the people the reporters met. From left: Dan Reed, Chad Davis, Eleanor Hasenbeck, Ilana Creinin, Laura Waxman, Topanga McBride, Diana Marcum, Laura Whaling, Will Lennon, Sydney Greene, Zack Smith and Kim Ossi.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
In mid-September, nine students from universities across the country met in one of America's agricultural epicenters: Nebraska. We were here to tell some of the environmental stories found in our country's heartland.
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Our inaugural Storyfest winners will present their ideas to food leaders during the UN-FAO’s 42nd Committee on World Food Security meeting — leading up to World Food Day on Friday, Oct. 16.
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Follow Benji and Tommy as they travel across the country as Planet Forward's Explorers in America, finding the hidden stories that connect people to food and food to community.
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Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity, and today it is taking great leaps forward in growing its economy - sustainably. Wind, hydroelectric and geothermal are powering this drive to go green, and there's innovation everywhere. No one knows exactly what... Read More
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Getting a public health message out isn't the easiest in Guatemala's fractured mediascape, and community radio may be the best bet.
What struck us, what stuck with us and what's coming next. 
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Eating Habits and Patterns of the Chapín
This list could be 1,000 pages long! But here's the very short of it. 
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Exploring Guatemala’s Culinary Tradition