environmental racism

A factory tower looms behind a chainlink fence. A graffitied speed limit sign stands in the foreground.

Imagery from the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago. (Michael Kappel/CC BY-NC 2.0)

Northwestern University Medill
Lightfoot administration in negotiations with Chicago over racist zoning and land use after decades of environmental racism directed at South and West Sides.
A roadway in Kashmir is flooded with brown water reaching up to the bumpers of a car.

This is a photo taken by my uncle, Irfan Shahmiri. He is the founder of an organization called CHINAR International which provides humanitarian and disaster relief to Kashmiri families. (Irfan Shahmir)

George Washington University
The recent floods in Pakistan are personal to me because I know what it's like to have your homeland be devastated by a disaster. Here's why you should care too.
Founding Director, Planet Forward
Environmental justice has a seat at the head table with new EPA Administrator Michael Regan, in our latest episode of Peril & Promise.
Tuskegee University
These four places and events illustrate how environmental racism has become the rule — not the exception — for minorities everywhere.