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A small wooden bridge and pathway are lined by green trees in Cornelia City Park, Georgia.

One of my favorite places to go in Cornelia, Georgia. This photo was taken in Summer, 2022 on a warm Sunday afternoon. (Hannah Woodward)

University of Georgia
If your dog poops in the park and nobody sees it, did your dog really poop in the park? Mother nature is always watching.
SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
A podcast discussing how students at an environmental science college built their ideologies.
Northwestern University
Dozens of cities sitting in the path of total solar eclipse are generally small to medium-sized communities that will be inundated on Aug. 21. The thousands of visitors will put pressure on infrastructure and other resources.
MPH@GW, The George Washington University
The most dangerous jobs in the United States may become even more dangerous thanks to climate change.
Its mascot might be the Sun Devil, but Arizona State University is using solar energy to make positive changes in its community. They’ve already installed the largest university solar system in the country, giving students an opportunity to learn... Read More