Second Nature
University of Montana president George Dennison discusses how biomass converters, such as the university's approximately $16 million project, will save his and other institutions money.
Our idea is to create a smart grid system to enhance and improve the energy infrastructure. Watch the video and learn all about the smart grid technology! Also check out the KU EcoHawks website to learn about all the great work happening at The... Read More
White Caps, Green Collars LLC
It’s simple: our urban landscapes abound with flat, black roofs that absorb heat all summer long, driving up energy use, and contributing to the urban heat island effect as well as global warming. Yet flat roofs are largely out of sight, out of... Read More
Planet Forward
U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, discusses partnership with ARPA-E on the development of high performance alternative energy storage modules for the US defense system. Mabus discusses the unique challenges of energy use in the defense system.
Planet Forward
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm discusses Michigan's role in the electric automotive industry. Efforts in state to produce vehicles and batteries are stimulating the electrification of the vehicle while creating jobs.
For years there's been buzz -- both positive and negative -- about generating ethanol fuel from corn. The Bay Area is rapidly becoming a world center for the next generation of green fuel alternatives. Meet the scientists investigating the newest... Read More
Pew Environment Group
In its latest report, "Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity," the Pew Environment Group describes profound economic gains over the next decade for countries and regions in the G-20 that enact clean energy policies. The report highlights... Read More
Planet Forward
Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer comments on the future of energy policy. Fleischer has faith that the private sector and capitalism will drive our energy future. Recorded at the Live From The Whitehouse: Making and Shaping the News... Read More
Vice President Elliot Roseman of ICF International discusses what he thinks will be the key to our energy future. He discusses various energy storage technologies being pursued now, and comments on the future of energy storage. He comments on... Read More