Turn off the lights and open up the curtains to save on energy. (Nieuw/Creative Commons)

The George Washington University, Spring 2016 Editorial Intern
Develop the habit of being energy conscious. This benefits both the environment and your wallet.
Senior Writer, Planet Forward
James Cameron might be best known as a filmmaker ("The Terminator," "Titanic," "Avatar" and more) but he also is a staunch environmentalist.
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
Daylight saving time has been a controversial — and sometimes confusing — practice since the idea was first implemented during World War I. Why do we still do it and what is the benefit?
Planet Forward Intern/Marymount University
Including the energy used to heat water, the kitchen is responsible for up to 22% of all home energy costs. We have some tricks you can use to cut energy use and get the most out of your cooking.
AVD Fellow - David E. Shi Center
From the sun to people exercising in the gym, Furman is capturing energy from any source they can.
Bill Woebkenberg: How Policy Affects the Biofuels Industry
Bill Woebkenberg: How Policy Affects the Biofuels Industry
Planet Forward
The 2014 EIA Conference addressed the state of energy in the US and foreign markets with policy analysis, projections and plenty of line graphs. We caught up with a few of the panelists to discuss a variety of topics.
Youtube - Energy Efficiency: a Win-Win (Hill briefing)
Youtube - Energy Efficiency: a Win-Win (Hill briefing)
The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) held a briefing hosted in coordination with the House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus on the best energy source of all: energy efficiency. There is no cheaper, cleaner energy than... Read More
The George Washington University
Coal power may be hit by new regulations from the Obama administration, but the export industry is still going strong.
Biogenic Reagents is a producer of high-performance carbon products made from renewable resources and produced with renewable energy.  Biogenic Reagents’ specialty products include activated carbons that are used to purify air, water, food and... Read More
Piezoelectric energy is created by the process of vibrations, friction, or static between solid materials. This can be obtained through a variety of methods, such as the friction of tires on the road, or the movement of shoes across a surface that... Read More