Kansas wind farm

The Smoky Hills Wind Farm as seen from Interstate 70 in Lincoln, Kansas. (Drenaline/Creative Commons)

State University College at Buffalo
Cities across the United States are beginning the switch to 100% renewable energy, but just four towns have reached the goal so far.

Stan Johnson leads a workshop at Knoxville's Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development program. (SEEED Knoxville)

The George Washington University
“Nothing stops a bullet like a job,” is the last thing you might expect the director of a sustainability program to preach, but Stan Johnson, executive director of Knoxville’s Socially Equal Energy Efficiency Development program, believes that... Read More
The lights are just as important
The lights are just as important
The George Washington University
We all go about our normal days not worrying about the lights. Before our days end, we always double check our locks, stoves, sinks, etc., but sometimes, we leave the lights on. The lights are just as important. 
Using the simple power of walking to give a city light
Using the simple power of walking to give a city light
George Washington University
Walking has never been a better option. Cities around the world have started to harness the power of pedestrian footsteps to light city sidewalks.
Algae: Fuel for the Future
Algae: Fuel for the Future
George Washington University
Algae has the potential to change the future as fuel for cars, planes and ourselves.

 (Sam Bradway/Planet Forward)

Middlebury College
Ruby Woodside, a fellow at Second Nature, discusses what carbon neutrality will look like in the coming year, now that several major institutions have gone entirely Carbon Neutral.

(Photo: Christopher Frettoloso)

Arizona State University
The Arizona-based start-up company Tempe BetR-blok is working to create sustainable and low cost buildings.
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
There is an upcoming trend in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it is not in the form of an app or a smartphone. Rather it is a more efficient way to use energy… specifically renewable energy.

Turn off the lights and open up the curtains to save on energy. (Nieuw/Creative Commons)

The George Washington University, Spring 2016 Editorial Intern
Develop the habit of being energy conscious. This benefits both the environment and your wallet.
Senior Writer, Planet Forward
James Cameron might be best known as a filmmaker ("The Terminator," "Titanic," "Avatar" and more) but he also is a staunch environmentalist.