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Most commuters in urban areas drive to work a distance of less than 15 miles, one-way. Most of these are single passengers in vehicles designed to carry up to 5 passengers. If a vehicle was available that was sufficiently comfortable but used much... Read More
Congressman, New York
Congressman Steve Israel of New York's 2nd District talks about our energy future. See what he thinks will be the energy game changer and set your DVR's because New York and New Jersey, Planet Forward's Energy of Innovation PBS special is coming to... Read More
United States Senate
Senator Lamar Alexander caught up with Planet Forward at ARPA-E to talk about our energy future. He also talks about his state,Tennessee, and the way they are incorporating electric vehicles. In Tennessee, Nissan is working hard to produce the leaf... Read More
Vice President Elliot Roseman of ICF International discusses what he thinks will be the key to our energy future. He discusses various energy storage technologies being pursued now, and comments on the future of energy storage. He comments on... Read More
Bees function with precious little information exchanged between each other, and very small "instruction sets" encoded in their brains -- no master bee shouts out orders in a command & control fashion, yet the hive thrives even as bees come and... Read More
Doug Simon Architecture
INFINITE RANGE THROUGH BATTERY EXCHANGE THE PROBLEM: The highly limited driving range of even the newest electric vehicle continues to disappoint. And expecting someone who is travelling a long distance to lose valuable time while their vehicle... Read More