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A man in a black suit, blue tie, and black mask stands with his hands interlaced with a EV charging station behind him.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tours electric vehicles and chargers on display (Yiming Fu/MNS).

Northwestern University
By Yiming Fu – Surrounded by a dozen electric buses outside the Department of Transportation, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg called on Congress to fund electric vehicle initiatives — especially in polluted and low-income communities.
George Washington University
Taking a look at DC's new electric bus fleet to see if it's the "ride of the future."
Proterra is revolutionizing the transportation industry.
Proterra is revolutionizing the transportation industry.
Assignment Editor, Planet Forward
Proterra, an innovative transportation company based out of Silicon Valley, has created electric buses in hopes of making even public transportation a zero-emission industry.
Planet Forward
Lack of charging infrastructure has always been one of the big problems with electric vehicles, but a new patnership between Chargepoint and Cadillac may help change that.
The George Washington University
The Nissan Leaf is popular with EV owners, but how do electric cars fit in a multi-car household?
Urban Wheels of the Future: Why Fight Over Parking? - See mo
Urban Wheels of the Future: Why Fight Over Parking? - See mo
This week on Bloomberg West we featured City Car, a new electric car concept that makes getting around a city much easier!
Motorcycles are lightweight and efficient but can't carry groceries. Cars are more flexible but not always fuel-efficient. Arcimoto, a personal electric vehicle, intends to meet the two in the middle by offering a fuel-efficient vehicle suited for... Read More
Planet Forward
In this week's webisode, we take a look at a video submitted to us by Sewanee’s Eco-Auto Club. The students set out to take a 1998 Ford Explorer with 231,000 miles and transform it into a more energy efficient "Eco Explorer" vehicle. Would you do... Read More
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As part of the EPA's P3 competition, Michael Golub from the University of Alaska Fairbanks is working on an electric ATV that is powered by renewables.
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For the EPA's P3 research design competition these students from the University of Tennessee worked on an electric vehicle project. Their electric vehicle can go 30 miles on a single charge for the cost of 25 cents.