Efficient Food Production

Leafy Green Machine greens

The Leafy Green Machine is optimized for the growth of a wide variety of lettuces, herbs and hearty greens. (Photo courtesy Freight Farms)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Georgetown University
The triple bottom line solution to our food system.

Personal Food Computer (PFC) v2.0 alpha (2016). (Photo courtesy of Open Agriculture Initiative, MIT Media Lab)

MIT’s Open Agriculture Initiative is drawing on the very societal changes that have distanced average citizens from traditional agriculture to close the gap in knowledge and control what we eat.
Howard W. Buffett on Making Farming More Resilient
Howard W. Buffett on Making Farming More Resilient
Planet Forward
Hear from the experts on how to square agricultural production with climate change at the Chicago Council Global Food Security Symposium.
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
Video by Julia Blakely and John Perrino
How do you fit 12 acres of productivity into 12,000 square feet? Just ask Mary Ellen Taylor, The Lettuce Lady.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Explore the future of food security and how changing consumer tastes and smart policy can impact practice at the Feeding the Planet Summit.
What if you had to boil your milk every time you wanted a bowl of cereal? That's the reality in some parts of India, but MIT scientists have a cool idea that is changing the situtation.
Chris Policinski: Big and Small Farms
Chris Policinski: Big and Small Farms
Featured Contributor
Farming is a changing business -- new tech, new tastes and new kinds of farming are changing how farmers do business, and who farmers are.
Planet Forward/GWU
ZANZIBAR, Tanzania – Zanzibar has one greenhouse. Only one. And this simple technology could be the key to helping the island feed itself.
UNSW Australia
Much of the energy needed to provide people with food is spent during transportation. Research from the University of New South Wales in Australia demonstrates the positive impacts of local farming--it not only uses less energy because the food... Read More
Clarkson University
According to these students at Clarkson University in New York state, unless you are located on the coast of California, it is nearly impossible to grow food year-round. They say they’ve created a unique greenhouse system that allows for year-round... Read More