The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) is a consumer focused non-profit organization aiming to promote the understanding and benefits of modernized electrical systems among all stakeholders in the United States. In less than a year they have... Read More
Mike O'Brien, Vice President of Product and Corporate Planning for Hyundai, caught up with Planet Forward at Auto Show Policy Day on Capitol Hill to fill us in on why hybrids are the latest trend in the auto industry.
Washington Post
Warren Brown, automotive columnist for the Washington Post, thinks we will see all sorts of ways to be energy efficient due to the increase in gasoline prices and the limited availability of oil. He told Planet Forward his vision for the future at... Read More
BMW of North America, LLC
Thomas Baloga, Vice President of Engineering for BMW of North America, caught up with Planet Forward at the Auto Show Policy Day on Capitol Hill to tell us about the new light-weight, carbon-reinforced fiber that will help reduce the weight of the... Read More
We create waste that can be reused to create the energy, products and foodstuffs we consume. We can divert our entire waste stream to create jobs, energy(heat and/or electricity) and food for ourselves at the municipal level or microscale these... Read More
The Eco-safe Top Slider Window safely allows air to circulate indoors. This window can be safely left open during the daytime and cool nighttime hours, totally cutting down the use of air conditioning in the warm spring, autumn, and summer months.... Read More
Why has the entire effort to go green coalesced around large corporations. Those are the same captains of Industry who have failed us and led us to the crisis we face today. There are many green technologies that can be dispersed into the general... Read More
By conserving water that we normally would waste, such as water from our roofs following a rain storm or tap water that we waste in our homes, we could generate more energy and use the water that nature freely gives us to use in our homes.
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The Empire State Building retrofitted all 6,514 windows completing the first phase of its sustainability initiative, which will reduce the buildings consumption of energy by 38%! Talk to Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials, and find out how his... Read More