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Kalu Yala is located in the Tres Brazos valley.

Kalu Yala is located in the Tres Brazos valley — a tropical frontier only an hour away from downtown Panama City. (Photo courtesy of Neil Palmer (CIAT)/Wikimedia Commons)

University of Colorado, Boulder
The Kalu Yala Institute, located outside of Panama City, is trying to develop the world’s most eco-friendly modern town by allowing college students to come practice design and promote sustainability.
A tree planted with every purchase
A tree planted with every purchase
The George Washington University
Bambeco is a furniture company that creates sustainable homeware.
The George Washington University
My graphic focuses on the work of NOLA Green Roots, an organization dedicated to sustainable urban agriculture in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. The organization relies on the participation of its community members to take care of ... Read More
Associate Director, Planet Forward
Like other "hidden" forms of environmental waste, your best furry friend masks extraordinary amounts of waste behind his cute little face.
E-Film Helping Conserve Energy at Ole Miss
E-Film Helping Conserve Energy at Ole Miss
University of Mississippi Meek School of Journalism
E-Film was placed in the windows of the JD Williams library at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) to help conserve energy and money! 
University of Mississippi
Green Week is a community building relationship with the University of Mississippi to learn more about sustainability. Residents in Oxford, students at the University, and other guests come and join together to form a community built celebration of... Read More
I had never heard about energy audits before I shot a piece on Pascal Maslin, a local Washington, D.C. energy efficiency expert. Much less did I know that the single biggest contributor to inefficient homes is not insulation or appliances rather... Read More