University of Mississippi Meek School of Journalism
I researched the composting program at Ole Miss, and I interviewed Kendall McDonald, a post-baccalaureate fellow in the Office of Sustainability.
Composting food waste at American University

From the hallways of AU: An orange compost bin found at the front of a line of waste bins. (Photo courtesy of Owain James/The Eagle)

American University
Composting should begin again in April, but will only continue if waste is perfectly sorted.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
My idea focuses on the company Compost Cab, which provides residents  of the D.C. area with materials to put their food waste in bins, which Compost Cab picks up every week and takes the waste to a compost pile that is then turned into fertile soil.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Victoria Burgos, a student at the University Of Mississippi, championed composting on her campus through a Green Fund.
Explorers in America
Composting+Biking=Winning. We took to our tandem again to see how the Compost Pedallers, a company in Austin, TX, combine our two loves: biking and composting, successfully filling hearts with joy while emptying organic waste from landfills. Come... Read More
Composting in an Urban City
Composting in an Urban City
The George Washington University Student
FEATURED SELFIE: 34 million pounds and counting - that is the amount of food wasted each year. How much could we save just by composting?
Discover barrels of tumbling compost in this selfie video
Discover barrels of tumbling compost in this selfie video
The George Washington University
FEATURED SELFIE: Compost takes a while, and that's a major barrier for most - but what if you could have fresh compost ready in weeks instead of a full season?
FEATURED SELFIE: 10,000 students students create a lot of garbage - is composting a better way to handle all the trash?
Video by Nimet Kirac and Musadiq Bidar
Video by Nimet Kirac and Musadiq Bidar
George Washington University
What do YOU do with the all the food you don’t eat? Composting is a good option, but there's a problem of convenience - which one company may have a solution for.
Planet Forward
Via International Institute for Environment and Development: Stone lines or ("bunds") slow down runoff, incerease water infiltration and for the basis for improved production in semi-arid areas. At the same time, sediment is captured behind these... Read More