Senior Writer, Planet Forward
Is maglev the future of train travel in the U.S.? We're just exploring the technology now, but Asia has had trains operating for years. 
George Washington University
I’m from a small town called Eastchester, New York, just north of New York City. For me, climate change could mean no more farmers' markets with my Grandmother after Sunday mass.
Video by John Perrino and Julia Blakely
Video by John Perrino and Julia Blakely
Cheaper, convenient, more sustainable, & owning Penn Ave - just a few of the reasons to bike in DC. 
Saint Gobain Gyproc, Abu Dhabi
My idea is about more energy efficient bicycle. From the 18th century, we are following the same structure and principles in bicycle. I am proposing a simple change in bicycle; it runs almost 40 percent more efficiently than old models. It... Read More
The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) recently distributed the Volpe Center's "Commuter Choice Survey" to all Federal agencies as the "best resource that is currently available" to estimate greenhouse gas emissions attributable to... Read More