Despite an increase in extreme weather, like that of 2012's superstorm Sandy, research tends to suggest that extreme weather does not have a lasting impact on public opinion. Shown here are areas of Long Island, N.Y., following Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 30, 2012. (Petty Officer 2nd Class Rob Simpson/U.S. Coast Guard)

Planet Forward Reporter | SUNY Purchase
Jeremy Deaton, a journalist for Nexus Media News and creator of Climate Chat, talked with Planet Forward about navigating climate change deniers, conservative interest in the environment, and climate policy.

Planet Forward students toured Bayer's research gardens as a part of our trip. But we happened to visit when the facility was open to everyone through an annual event called "Field Days," where they focus on communicating about agriculture to both educate and demystify the process. (Planet Forward)

Kansas State University
Sustainability and food used to be separate conversations. In the next story in the series, Kansas State's Olivia Bergmeier explores how sustainable ag is now a joint conversation — and both consumers and producers are talking together.

Here, a citizen scientist does sampling in Rocky Mountain National Park. (National Park Service)

UC Berkeley
Two scientific storytellers explain the communication strategies they use and talk about what the consequences of ineffective communication are in the modern era.
The George Washington University
We must be wary of science being used in a misguided or false manner, but we cannot abandon the idea of communicating accurate science. 
The George Washington University
I'm going on a necessary journey to find examples of environmental science being told as an interesting story.
University of Wisconsin - Madison
In this episode of Sciencecast: Climate Change Series, Dr. Sharon Dunwoody, professor emerita in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, discusses science communication and journalism.
The George Washington University
Planet Forward recently hosted a conversation: “The Science of Science Communication: Telling a Story with Impact.” Our expert presenters brought a realistic approach to the pitfalls of science communication and offered some advice for improving it.
What responsiblities do journalists have when covering food?
What responsiblities do journalists have when covering food?
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
How do we communicate climate change and the challenges it poses for agriculture? At our last 2014 salon, we identified key communication solutions for telling the story of food, and got in touch with the top journalists and experts in the field. We... Read More
GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
Media consumers are not getting a balanced diet of food news. That was among the conclusions of a fascinating conversation among leading journalists and food experts convened by Planet Forward, the George Washington University-based consortium of... Read More
The George Washington University
How do we explain such a complicated issue like food through an ever-evolving media platform?