coastal degradation

A large reef made up of orange corals spreading out in every direction. A field of underwater corals extend into the blue distance.

Staghorn coral outplants at Cane Bay, St. Croix. (Kemit-Amon Lewis)

SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
In this story, I speak with coral reef scientists about the effects of coral bleaching and restoration efforts being made to preserve reefs.
A vibrant pink and purple sunset envelops the Long Island Sound.

A view of the Long Island Sound from my backyard. (Jane Cameron/George Washington University)

George Washington University
Hurricane-battered coastlines are disappearing due to the climate crisis. Without intervention, my community and the town I grew up in are threatened.
SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
This video is a picture book come to life, with original designs and watercolor paintings made to present the topic of coastal degradation in an eye-catching and engaging way.