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Environmental and Energy Study Institute
State energy officials speaking at a July 7, 2010 event on Capitol Hill. How has federal stimulus funding for the State Energy Program been used to date? More information is available at
In this week's NWF Climate Capsule, rising temperatures shatter climate records, progress on a Senate clean energy & climate bill, and Dirty the Sock Puppet compares the BP oil spill disaster to the Titanic.
Over the last few weeks since the "Next Steps to A Climate Bill" presentation at George Washington University, the initial diagnosis of collective ADD (Attention-Deficit Disorder) on environmental action I proposed has...well, oscillated maddeningly... Read More
Planet Forward
From our live Planet Forward event on April 20... Planet Forward Host, Frank Sesno, ask Lisa Jackson to respond to criticisms by Senator Graham, one of the key Republican supporters of a new Senate climate bill.