climate adaptation

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George Washington University
A community scrambles as a school sinks into the water.
Northwestern University
As the pace of sea level rise accelerates around Puerto Rico, families are raising their furniture on milk crates and building second floors on their homes to adapt to the changes.
The George Washington Universtiy
Climate change can mean more insects that carry disease - can we adapt for our health and our future?
Planet Forward
Experts on weather, agriculture and climate science sat down to discuss some of the key issues facing a changing globe that seeks to feed close to 9 billion people within the next 35 years.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Jenny Frankel-Reed is working in the most vulnerable places in the world to help USAID make a chain of partnerships that prepare people for extreme volatility in the weather. 
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Bill Hohenstein explains how climate smart agriculture can be used to address the science, government, and communication challenges inherent to climate change.
Meteorologist Robin Reed on The Experience Gap
Meteorologist Robin Reed on The Experience Gap
American University
We talked to some of the experts on climate change, weather and agriculture about what they're doing, what needs to be done, and how we can feed our planet as the weather becomes more unpredictable.
Planet Forward
Concerns about climate change are real - just as real as the weather, which is changing agriculture right now. 
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Climate change will affect all of us, and agriculture could be the canary in the coal mine. It's all the world's problems, right on your plate.
Creative Fish Tank
One current community in Africa, the Dassanech, is adapting to climate change right now. The team at Koobi Fora takes a look at how it's changing their economy, how they eat and how they live.