SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
Has Onondaga Lake, formerly the most polluted lake in the nation, really been cleaned up?
The Ocean Cleanup founded by Boyan Slat.
The Ocean Cleanup founded by Boyan Slat.
The George Washington University
The Ocean Cleanup is an invention created by a Dutch teen, Boyan Slat. His North Sea prototype uses the currents to passively collect plastic in the ocean.
Jackson State University
Late in June 2016, I found myself tyrannized by the sweltering mid-morning heat of southern Alabama, as I joined members of the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP) on a trip to Baldwin County, Alabama, to witness a staggering site.
The BP Oil Spill caused catastrophic damage to wildlife not only along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, but also far beneath the water's surface. This video details some of the deep water damage that's affected reefs and other deep sea organisms.