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Video by Eric Osman and Sumner Byrne
Video by Eric Osman and Sumner Byrne
The George Washington University
Bringing clean water straight to the point of use.
The George Washington University
Which is better: tap water or bottled water? Here are the facts. It’s your decision.
The Pennsylvania State University
Researchers in Germany have invented micromotors that can propel themselves through water while degrading organic pollutants. The micromotors, which run on dilute hydrogen peroxide, could be used to clean up small reservoirs, pipes and other hard to... Read More
WASH Advocates
There is one set of interventions that can act as the foundation of and touch on global health, gender equality, food security, and more: water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
Energy Technology & Policy, a course taught by Dr. Michael E. Webber at The University of Texas at Austin, gives students an overview of energy technologies, fuels, environmental impacts and public policies. Topics are interdisciplinary and... Read More
This week on Bloomberg West we featured an innovative new toilet. Yes, you read that correctly. This toilet, designed at Cal Tech, is intended for use in the developing world and hopes to make the water there cleaner and healthier.
Nawras TElecom Oman
My idea is focused on saving clean drinking water, as we will be running short of drinking water in the near future. As in the usual construction of buildings, we have a single source of water connection with a tank on the ground and a tank on the... Read More
PARC’s breakthrough clean water platform technology, Hydrodynamic Separation (HDS), can potentially provide multiple benefits, such as: Compact form factor – ideal for space- and weight-constrained sites; Modular and scalable – easily increase or... Read More
After a disaster, how do you protect your water supply from contamination? Osorb would absorb the toxic chemicals in the water and keep oil, pesticides, gases, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals out of the groundwater.