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Planet Forward Explorer Devin Greene meets the most literally salt-of-the-earth people possible in Ethiopia.
Urbanization is bad for the planet, right? Wrong. At least it doesn't have to be. Dr. Guanghua Wan of the Asian Development Bank presented research at George Washington University that shows positive effects of a growing urban population. With the... Read More
The average person tends to know what plastic drip tape and soaker hoses are, but what is plastic mulch? In China alone, the equivalent area of South Carolina is covered with this fossil fuel based plastic sheet mulch every year and then the plastic... Read More
Tonji University is constructing a solar house for Team China in the DOE Solar Decathlon 2011. Low cost in photovoltaic technology embedded house. Module design and custom optimized module selection. Quick assembling and transportation. http://... Read More
Keep It Green
Duo Ou, a green company in China, recognizes that conventional paper production is detrimental and hazardous to the environment. Therefore, Duo OU has developed technology that reduces these effects by managing sediment and using clean "pulp... Read More
Schengchang, a new Chinese clean air company, recognized that China had become the largest CO2 emitter in the world by 2008. Because of its rapid development, China had become dependent on coal, which was detrimental for the environment and... Read More
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Two recent articles by NYTimes reporter Keith Bradsher feature stories that tell why China is leading in clean tech manufacturing: friendly venture capital and a government that’s willing to bend the rules to support business. What’s the American... Read More
In a recent webisode with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, Planet Forward's own Frank Sesno asked, with the race for energy leadership and innovation heating up "will China own the last half of the 21st century as the US fades?" Friedman's... Read More