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Algae: Fuel for the Future
Algae: Fuel for the Future
George Washington University
Algae has the potential to change the future as fuel for cars, planes and ourselves.

(Photo: Nathaniel Wiener)

Middlebury College
Vermont's Middlebury College has just announced it is officially carbon neutral, after a nearly decadelong environmental effort.
Carbon Neutral and Mighty Delicious
Carbon Neutral and Mighty Delicious
The George Washington University
FEATURED SELFIE: A Washington, DC restaurant is offering award-winning meals with a twist that's turning the foodie scene on its head. 
ESF is trying to be a showcase in the development of a more sustainable college campus and promote the use of renewable energy resources.
The University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team, a campus club made up of students from all academic disciplines, designs high performance racing cars powered by the sun. Since the 1980s, the club has been custom building, testing and racing carbon-... Read More