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Climate change is more than a local problem. Cities worldwide are grappling with the consequences. In hope of discovering answers, C40 Cities has partnered with the Clinton Climate Initiative to enhance debate on environmental policy. Watch More C40... Read More
See this Amazing invention by SMT Rail of Silicon Valley
In 2009, Arequipa, Peru closed its most important commercial corridor to car traffic. The pedestrianization project is part of the city’s larger vision to modernize transit services, develop a bus rapid transit corridor, and build additional... Read More
In Istanbul, Turkey, getting from one place to another used to be a huge hassle. To solve this problem, the city created the only inter-continental bus rapid-system in the world, making the city more navigable! Check it out!
This video is produced by EMBARQ - The World Resources Institute Center for Sustainable Transport. Los Angeles’ Metro is doing something that no transit agency in the country has ever done: it’s marketing its products and services as if it were a... Read More
Of course, the driving issue in the upcoming elections is economic recovery and stimulus; not America’s carbon footprint. When discussing climate change and sustainability, it seems that most candidates are very rehearsed and uniform in their... Read More
When it comes to energy use, lots of numbers get thrown around.
As one of the finalists for the 2010 GreenGov Presidential Awards, here is our video that we would like submit. This shares with the audience GSA's Green Innovative idea.