capital partners solar project

The George Washington University
The Capital Partners Solar Project is a partnership between The George Washington University, American University, and the George Washington University Hospital to utilize solar energy to power more of their electrical needs.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
On September 23rd, 2014, the GW Solar Institute hosted its 6th Annual Solar Symposium.  This event convened policymakers, industry experts, business leaders, researchers and students to discuss innovative solutions to today's biggest solar policy... Read More
Director, GW Office of Sustainability | Co-Director, SustainableGW
It's hard to get enough solar into a city using the available land - Meghan Chappel explains how working outside the city can make the difference.
A Big Deal for Solar in the District
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
GW's new solar power buy is a big deal with a big impact. Take a look at the numbers behind the biggest deal of its kind.
George Washington University
GW is showing how a dense urban campus can go solar in a big way.
The George Washington University
Kathleen Merrigan explains how using solar in the city is helping open up new opportunities out on the farm.
Planet Forward
How do you get solar in a city? You build in the country, in a move that could become a trend for urban campuses.