An explosion in green building is underway, with cleverly engineered libraries, office buildings, even public housing projects popping up across the Bay Area, and championed as much by landlords trying to cut energy and water costs as by... Read More
In a co-production with NOVA Science Now, QUEST explores the potential of algae once considered nothing more than pond scum to become the fuel of the future. Entrepreneurs from the Bay Area to LA are working to create the next generation of biofuels... Read More
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I say we implement the “Berkeley First Plan” a municipal bond program. Municipal Property Tax Assessment Financing Removing Key Barriers to Residential Solar JD Polk February 2009
Even as environmental activists are still licking their wounds after failing to convince the U.S. Senate to pass a climate bill before the August recess, opponents of a legislative response to global warming have moved on to their next target. This... Read More
Planet Forward
According to a recent story in the LA Times, oil refiners, trucking companies and petrochemical companies are suing the state of California over its new standard controlling the carbon intensity of fuel. The standard, which is designed to motivate... Read More