BP oil spill

Planet Forward
Public Citizen is calling on the Defense Department to suspend contracts with BP and debar the company. The call follows a protest that Public Citizen and seven other prominent public interest groups staged on Friday outside the Washington, DC... Read More
Watch NWF investigate BP's ludicrous claim that only 30 acres of wetlands have been impacted by the BP oil spill.
As President of Halliburton's Global Business Lines and its senior Environment, Health, & Safety Officer, Tim Probert has overall responsibility for the company's safe, environmentally conscious operations. When things go so far off the rails,... Read More
In this week's NWF Climate Capsule video, lessons we didn't learn from the Exxon Valdez, NWF's call to revoke newly-issued deep water drilling permits & BP's donation to one of its most prominent defenders.
Citizens Speak: Part 1, Thoughts on the BP Oil Spill. American citizens speak their minds on the BP Gulf Oil Spill. All interviews conducted in Washington DC...
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Petrol Free Gypsy Carnival Tour in Dupont Circle, Washington DC, May 20, 2010
Planet Forward
George Washington University students, Ryder Haske and Elizabeth Cherneff, talked to American Petroleum Institute’s Rayola Dougher just days before BP's Deepwater oil spill. Hear what she says about the risks and what activists and other experts... Read More
In this week's NWF Climate Capsule, rising temperatures shatter climate records, progress on a Senate clean energy & climate bill, and Dirty the Sock Puppet compares the BP oil spill disaster to the Titanic.