The Farmery is an urban market and farm designed to produce and sell locally made food. The Farmery combines a retail grocery and indoor agricultural systems that raise the value of food by offering the customer an educational and stimulating food... Read More
Don't Mock Me...Unless It's Eco-Friendly! Monkey see, monkey do!  This week we feature Planet Forward innovators who are pioneers in the field of biomimicry.  It’s amazing how many of today’s inventions were inspired by and mimic the behavior of... Read More
Next week on Bloomberg West, we'll be featuring an idea straight out of the Terminator movie seri--er, Michigan State University, rather. In all seriousness, the MSU students and faculty have developed robotic fish that can track water quality and... Read More
Researchers from University of Michigan are looking to fish to monitor water quality. But, we're not talking about Nemo, these fish are robots!
Many people give up on growing their own vegetables at home because pests ruin their crops. People would rather buy vegetables from the store than deal with pests eating their plants or use harsh chemicals to get rid of them. We searched for an... Read More
Tornadoes and hurricanes are dangerous, but they also inspire new innovations in the renewable energy field. New turbines mimic those storms’ spiral rotations, hoping to generate energy cleanly and inexpensively!
How can we make flame retardants--normally environmentally unfriendly substances--into sustainable products? Researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell discuss their work for the U.S. Armed Forces.
We build houses, but it’s the living in a house that makes it a home. Every home -- even your home -- has a history that represents who lived there and how they lived. The same goes for the houses in Solar Decathlon. While they’re lauded for... Read More
The Wilderness Society
Climate change is happening all around us - see how we can prepare our communities and wild places like forests and streams for climate change, all while improving the environment and creating jobs. Shot on location in Anne Arundel County, Md.,... Read More
Can we use fiber optic cables to transport or transmit solar light and heat over long distances from hot deserts to cold weather areas? My point is that I think there is a great need for solar heat in areas where it is frequently foggy or rainy and... Read More