Here in D.C., we have a growing population of proud bicyclists. They've got a reason to feel good too-- the district has the highest percentage of commuters in any (non)state of the union. But when only 3.13 percent of daily commutes happen by bike... Read More
The George Washington University
People move around for lots of reasons, and sustainable living is becoming one of the big ones. Is DC's recent population explosion due to the increasingly sustainable nature of the city?
It’s summertime!  This week we feature Planet Forward innovators who can help make your summer even more fun and sustainable!  Whether you’re spending your summer at the beach or at home, there are lots of great ways for you to reduce your impact on... Read More
Planet Forward
Pedestrians and cyclists can breathe easier on Washington, DC’s streets, according to Mayor Vincent Gray, because of what he describes as a plan to “cover the entire city” with traffic cameras. Cameras slow down traffic, and slower cars would make... Read More
YOU get a bike! EVERYBODY gets a bike! Being sustainable in a big, bustling city is no easy task, but creating a free bike-sharing program in New York is just one of the ways students at NYU are making the city more sustainable!
Summer is a great time to gather some friends and go for a bike ride. This bicycle uses energy from the sun to help riders climb the steepest hills with very little effort!
Planet Forward
Bike to Work Day is a nation-wide cycling event that attracted one million people in cities across the country last week. For many people, it will be the first time they ride their bikes to work. Dorcas Adkins of the Washington Area Bicyclists... Read More
University of Mississippi
Oxford, Miss., paves the way for Bike Friendly Communities to enhance cycling as a mode of transportation.
Ole Miss
Rebel Pedals is a bicycle sharing program that promotes a clean and green campus at The University of Mississippi. Rebel Pedals is a wonderful aspect of the Ole Miss campus. We feel that other colleges could learn from our campus and hopefully join... Read More
Bicyclists need own separate elevated highways of their own crisscrossing towns and cities as well as out in the open linking to other metropolitan centers. If there is a mountain range ahead, bore a level tunnel right through it, which is not so... Read More