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Bike sharing is transforming urban commuting and is available in more than 180 cities globally.
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Maryland-based organization Bikes for the World diverts thousands of bicycles annually from the U.S. waste stream. 
Bike bridge in Copenhagen's city center

A bike bridge in Copenhagen's city center. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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More than 60% of all people who live and work in Copenhagen commute by bicycle everyday. Here are 10 ways Copenhagen does biking right.
Portland, OR, and San Jose, CA, have paved the way for bicycle transportation and sustainability, and both cities have worked extensively to promote biking as a viable means of transportation within their communities.
Explorers in America
Composting+Biking=Winning. We took to our tandem again to see how the Compost Pedallers, a company in Austin, TX, combine our two loves: biking and composting, successfully filling hearts with joy while emptying organic waste from landfills. Come... Read More
Biking in America!
Biking in America!
Cites across the nation are working to make their streets more biker friendly. Two examples of this are Chalreston, SC and Minneapolis, MN.
As a power agnostic hybrid electric vehicle. Street legal as a NEV globally, part mobile power station part human-electric generator. Also the highest output human electric generator in the world currently. Currently a global phenomenon with... Read More
Minnesota 2020
The City of Minneapolis is embarking on a once-in-a-generation plan to cut carbon emissions and propel the city as the most energy efficient in the nation. Initiatives include single-sort recycling, boosting city renewable energy, expanding bicycle... Read More
In this wintertime video my custom electric bike operates on just 3 volts or sub-15 watts of Solar Power, the lightweight hand made solar panel is rated for approximately 24 watts in optimal conditions. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells are used... Read More
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Rural Rwandan households usually rely on dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lamps for illumination. Now one project has come up with an innovative, clean and affordable solution -- battery-powered LED lights with a pedal generator. All that's needed... Read More