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The best example of sustainability in action I know is the social network that is the bicycling community in my hometown of Pittsburgh.
The George Washington University
A PSA highlighting the facilities GWU has to offer to combat traffic congestion.
A PSA encouraging Washingtonians to ride bikes.
A PSA encouraging Washingtonians to ride bikes.
George Washington University
Riding bikes will reduce congestion and air pollution as well as make people lead healthier more active lifestyles.
Here in D.C., we have a growing population of proud bicyclists. They've got a reason to feel good too-- the district has the highest percentage of commuters in any (non)state of the union. But when only 3.13 percent of daily commutes happen by bike... Read More
Bicyclists need own separate elevated highways of their own crisscrossing towns and cities as well as out in the open linking to other metropolitan centers. If there is a mountain range ahead, bore a level tunnel right through it, which is not so... Read More
Planet Forward
We've all reached that point when traditional commutes just won't do. For many Philadelphians, it was last year, when metro workers went on strike. So, they took to the streets—on bikes. As more people rode on the roads, they discovered it’s easier... Read More
Car and truck usage is responsible for about one-third of the United State’s total carbon dioxide emissions. Since carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming, it is imperative that we reduce our transportation-related emissions. One... Read More