Profile of UNL's Pollinator Plot creator
Profile of UNL's Pollinator Plot creator
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Pollinator Plot is a demonstration and research garden and an outdoor classroom.
Assignment Editor, Planet Forward
Explore the GW apiary with me and learn about how student researchers are providing a voice for some of our most valuable food suppliers. 
American University, Spring 2016 Video Intern
It was in 2006 that beekeepers in the United states started to notice mass die-offs in their colonies. Since then, about 10 billion bee hives have been lost completely, leaving us with about 2.5 million honeybee colonies in the United States.
The George Washington University
DC Honeybees is a group of urban pollinators in Georgetown seeking to encourage rooftop beekeeping during a time when honeybees are rapidly becoming endangered.      
The George Washington University
Bees are critical to our environment, your health, and the global food supply and they're vanishing at an astounding rate. Urban beekeeping is one way we can help save them.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Faced with the specter of declining bee populations, scientists at Harvard are working on a mechanical replacement - and they may just revolutionize robotics along the way.
Deutsche Welle
Once a wasteland in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, a plot of land in the middle of Berlin has been revitalized and converted into an urban mobile farm called “Prinzessinnengarten.” Check it out in our audio slide show.
by Miranda Green and Andrea Vittorio The George Washington University group GroW has started a community garden on campus. The result: good food, local honey and a few dirty hands!