Tequile native spins thread

A Tequile native spins thread. (Isabella Zambrano/George Washington University)

The George Washington University
The story I am telling does not belong to me, it belongs to the people on the island of Taquile, Peru. This story map tells of the concept of "El Buen Vivir" and how it breaks the ideas that some countries may have about sustainability. 
Joshua Jackson climate extremes ecological threat

Joshua Jackson, researcher at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, explained that heightened ecological threats like drought or famine could lead to more intolerant societies with stricter cultural norms. (Janice Cantieri/Medill)

Northwestern University
Rising extremes of droughts, floods or food shortages can reduce a country’s political stability and cultural tolerance, warned scientists at the American Association for the Advancements of Science conference in Boston.
Creative Fish Tank
Koobi Fora Field School is home to the team investigating how climate change was first dealt with by early humans, but they've got their own sustainability concerns.
Creative Fish Tank
The team at Koobi Fora looks at the origins of human diet, from changes in our anatomy that led us towards hunting to how climate change determined our adaptive, diverse palates.
Creative Fish Tank
Dr. Brian Richmond leads his team at Koobi Fora to discover the biodiversity that surrounded early humans and other hominids, and how early human anatomy was shaped to run.
Creative Fish Tank
The team at Koobi Fora looks at how dramatic changes in the environment radically altered how ancient humans lived, how they handled changing resources, and how climate change directed human evolution through toolmaking.
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Changes in diet and innovations in technology enabled our ancestors to weather a rapidly changing climate at the dawn of civilization. Can we draw on what our ancestors discovered to find ways to adapt to our current climate conundrum? Dr. Brian... Read More