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Aneesh Chopra: The Wall of Disbelief
Aneesh Chopra: The Wall of Disbelief
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Detroit is more than a city, it’s a symbol. It represents the decline of American industry, but also the resilience, flexibility, and vision of American workers. Planet Forward went to Detroit for Shell's “Powering Progress Together” event to hear... Read More
George Washington University
FEATURED SELFIE: The DC Streetcar could revitalize the H Street district while making public transit more green.
Can good vibrations power our future? If you don't know what piezoelectric energy is, jump around--you just created it.
For years there's been buzz -- both positive and negative -- about generating ethanol fuel from corn. The Bay Area is rapidly becoming a world center for the next generation of green fuel alternatives. Meet the scientists investigating the newest... Read More
Genesis Farm is a non profit organization, located in Blairstown, New Jersey, that aims to educate people of the ecological and agricultural work it takes to preserve the Earth and all its wonders. Run by Dominican Sisters from Caldwell, NJ,... Read More
Meet biology experts David Nobles and Malcolm Brown, the talented research team that has developed a possible answer to the green energy revolution through their exciting work with algae.
By conserving water that we normally would waste, such as water from our roofs following a rain storm or tap water that we waste in our homes, we could generate more energy and use the water that nature freely gives us to use in our homes.
While many assume that the fashion world has minimal involvement in social or political issues, a new wave of eco-friendly clothing says otherwise. Fashion designers, both high-end and affordable, are employing natural and fair-trade materials that... Read More A simple wind turbine all around you. Alternative energy green job training. Wind power.
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Experts speaking on Capitol Hill about the value of energy efficient housing, and how federal policy can promote more efficient buildings -- and therefore reduce fossil fuel emissions and make housing more affordable for families across America. How... Read More