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Who's going to grow all the food we'll need in 2050? With less young people looking at farming as a career, 4-H is trying to turn it around and put farming into African schools.
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If you've got crops to sell in Africa, the trouble may be getting paid - unless you've got Agrimangr, a phone app that gives you all the info you need to get a fair deal.
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ZANZIBAR, Tanzania – Zanzibar has one greenhouse. Only one. And this simple technology could be the key to helping the island feed itself.
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ZANZIBAR, Tanzania - Meet the farmers of Umwamwema, a subsistence farming collective that is using simple innovations to change their fortunes.
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Follow Our Travels in Africa As part of our Feeding The Planet initiative, we sent a team from The George Washington University abroad. Dr. Imani Cheers and two Planet Forward Explorer Fellows, Sara Snyder and Gabrielle Demczuk, traveled through... Read More
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Sara Snyder reflects on Explorers in Africa.
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NAIROBI, Kenya -- Using charcoal dust, soil and water to more efficiently and cheaply cook in Africa's largest slum.
From gazelles to elephants, Gabrielle Demczuk reflects on the circle of life from the Maasai Mara.
Reflections on roadblocks to food insecurity: financing for their start up companies, change in social and gender perceptions, access to better education, and just a little more motivation.
A photo set of Tanzanian farms and markets.