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Grand Prize:  A storytelling expedition to the Amazon rainforest with the 'Godfather of Biodiversity'!

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In every corner of the planet, amazing people are working hard to figure out solutions to the environment’s biggest challenges. But if no one hears the stories, progress will be slower.

To amplify these stories, annually we host The Planet Forward Storyfest Awards, which recognize the best and most compelling student-told stories illuminating environmental issues and solutions.

The winning submissions represent the best examples of storytelling that make complex issues or ideas better understood. 

The Planet Forward Storyfest Awards are looking for both substance in the story and creative execution. Be memorable. Have impact. Have fun.

How To Enter

First, select a topic or topics, and address a question:

  • Food: How can we feed the planet, grow better food, stop wasting so much of it?
  • Water: How should we use it, conserve it, clean it, get it to places that don’t have enough of it?
  • Energy: What are new ways to generate it, make it cleaner, use it more efficiently?
  • Mobility: What’s a better way to get around, reduce congestion, minimize the impact on the environment and the climate?
  • The built environment: To build for the future, what are new materials, technologies or design that will make better homes, offices, neighborhoods and cities?
  • Biodiversity: How do we preserve and foster our vital ecosystems?

Next, review the award categories and see where your story might fit:

  • The Innovator Award: The Story Featuring the Most Compelling Character (or Characters) — the Innovator. The story of a character, told in a compelling way, is one of the key elements to a great story, no matter the topic. This prize will go to the story that best exemplifies this element.
  • The Right Brain Award: Most Creativity in the Art of Environmental Storytelling. This prize will go to the story that most creatively tells an environmental story, either through media format or storytelling technique.
  • The Left Brain Award: Best Use of Science or Data in Environmental Storytelling. This prize exemplifies explanatory storytelling, telling the story behind an innovation or using data to convey a story.
  • The Visionary Award: Best Story about a Scalable Innovation That Can Change the World Now. This prize will go to the best story about a scalable and inspiring innovation that has the greatest chance to change the world within the next five years.
  • The 22nd Century Award: The Best Story about the Most Ambitious Idea That Can Move the Planet Forward. Steve Jobs was a dreamer. Thomas Edison was an inspired inventor. Tell a story about what today’s dream teams are working on for the future.

Finally, choose the medium that best conveys the story you’re sharing — audio, visual, video, text or a combination. Then, get started!

2017 Grand Prize

Grand prize winners will win a trip to Camp 41 in the Amazon rainforest for a once-in-a-lifetime storytelling expedition. Led by Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, known as “the godfather of biodiversity" for his research and work in the Brazilian rainforest and beyond, and Planet Forward founder and former CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno. Lovejoy will guide the conversation and the trip to explore the amazing biodiversity of the Amazon, while Sesno will be your editorial guide to help shape the stories that will come from the experience.


Entries will be judged in four areas:

  1. Quality of information and production

  2. Creativity in presentation

  3. Impact of storytelling

  4. Scalability of the innovation shared

All submitted work will be reviewed by a committee of journalists and sustainability experts not affiliated with Planet Forward.

Friday, March 3, 2017, at 11:59 PM ET


1. Post your story to the Planet Forward website.

2. Complete the Storyfest Entry Form.






Official Rules