Summit conversations: 'Pass the Mic' featuring Project Drawdown's Matt Scott

Climate change is a planetary issue, but it does not impact all people on our planet equally. Those most impacted by climate change and environmental degradation are those already marginalized, including Black communities, Indigenous communities, communities of color, and low income communities.

Matt Scott, manager of storytelling and engagement at Project Drawdown, is working to "pass the mic" to underrepresented climate change makers. In this pairing of interviews, Matt chats with Eli Chen, senior editor for Overheard at National Geographic, and McKenzie Allen-Charmley, Planet Forward Comcast NBCUniversal sustainable storytelling fellow, to discuss what "passing the mic" means to them.

Watch "Drawdown's Neighborhood" to see Matt "pass the mic" to climate heroes.

Listen to Eli's work on "Overheard at National Geographic."

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