Wind Beneath Their Strings

Here is a new way to deliver energy to those who need it. The women in one small community in Guatemala have wind, they just need a way to harness it. Enter enthusiastic students from the University of Michigan College of Engineering. In this week's WEBISODE, we run their woven wind turbine innovation by Claudio Martinez from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

MORE on the UCS: The USC submitted ideas to Planet! Check them out here! THEN, submit your own!

MORE on the U of Michigan: Students have a bright idea on solar!

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AND: Columbia University's Engineers without Borders make life more comfortable and sustainable for those in Obodan, Ghana.

FROM OUR NEWSDESK: Germany's power grid gets ready for offshore wind! Thanks, Laura DiMugno for sharing that news!

Before we let you go, here's one more vid to keep you entertained. Ducks Blown off Their Feet by the Wind

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