Solar Decathlon - Tennessee's on Top

Viewers voted and TENNESSEE is on top in the race for the Solar Decathlon! Check out the Tennessee team's use of solar energy, insulated windows and a remote control iPad in their innovative new approach to a sustainable lifestyle. Also this week, ask expert Bill Worthen what HIS thoughts are on the Tennessee team's Living Light House.

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FROM #SUNNYIDEAS: #Sunnyideas is Planet Forward's Solar Decathlon hashtag. Share your #Sunnyidea and maybe YOU can be featured here! Thanks to @MPGomatic for this #Sunnyidea RT: No hot water? A (n)ice cold shower saves water while eliminating the need for that third cup of coffee.

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FROM the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: Meet Planet Forward Expert Bill Worthen. Bill will be commenting on the Solar Decathlon videos throughout the month. Got a question for Bill or one of the other Planet Forward Experts? Check out Planet Forward's Ask an Expert. (Experts are standing by.)

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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