Solar Decathlon Brings #SunnyIdeas to Planet Forward

This week, we begin Planet Forward's coverage of the Solar Decathlon! 20 collegiate teams from around the world are designing and building sustainable solar homes. 11 of the teams have submitted their innovations to Planet Forward. In this week's WEBISODE, we take a look at the unique use of water in The University of Maryland's home. WE'VE GOT SPIRIT, HOW 'BOUT YOU? Want to participate in Planet Forward's coverage of the Solar Decathlon? LIKE your favorite team, VOTE for your favorite idea and TWEET #SunnyIdeas MORE ON #SUNNYIDEAS: Planet Forward's Innovator Danny Kennedy is the founder of solar company Sungevity. In our Innovator Update, we see how he is doing on his goal of eastward expansion. FROM OUR BLOG: Have a twitter account? We're taking your ideas about the Solar Decathlon teams through twitter. Planet Forward's Susanna Murley, tells you what PF is looking for. FROM NREL: Ever heard of a sky trough? Planet Forward visits the National Renewable Energy Labs to find out. FROM NBR: Last month, Planet Forward was on PBS Nightly Business Report introducing the Solar Decathlon. How do you think the liberal arts students at Middlebury will do against the engineering schools? NEXT WEEK: More from the Solar Decathlon. Want to influence which team we feature next? LIKE your favorite team, VOTE for your favorite idea and TWEET #SunnyIdeas. Got it?

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