Solar and the City - Team New York's Solar Decathlon House

THIS WEEK: We continue our journey to the Solar Decathlon! The teams are in Washington DC and showing off their homes. Check out Team New York's Roof Pod -- it sits atop a sky rise building and helps generate power.

PLUS: Brendan Owens, Planet Forward's newest Expert weighs in on New York's use of bamboo and other new building materials. See more from Brendan and Planet Forward's Experts on our Ask an Expert page.

CONTEST: Want to see your favorite Solar Decathlon team featured on Nightly Business Report? LIKE the team on Planet Get your likes in by October 10th! We'll showcase the team that has the most likes!

TRUE LOVE: Which Solar Decathlon house is your dream home? Play our Matchmaker Quiz and find out!

MORE: Like Team New York's plan for sustainable living in the city? There's plenty more where that came from! Check out these videos from the C40 -- mayors and Governors share their ideas to bring sustainability to their city.

BEFORE WE LET YOU GO: Feeling left out of all the creativity that's going on at the Solar Decathlon? Visit this interactive world of doodles and exercise your creativity!

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