Sewanee's Sustainable Chef

Sewanee: The University of the South's Executive Chef Rick Wright is leading a push to make dining halls healthier and more sustainable, and he’s doing it by going “self-op.” That means the university's dining services aren't run by one of the large food service corporations like Sodexo and Aramark. That also means that Sewanee’s McClurg Dining Hall can report to something other than a profit motive. As Wright explains, profit motives often incentivize food service companies that manage to serve fewer students with cheaper foods like pasta and pizza. In a self-operated dining hall, you can take student health, sustainability, and worker standards, into account, without breaking the bank. Chef Wright thinks universities ought to be willing to invest a small amount of money upfront to go self-op and fight the looming health crisis that is going to cost us so much more down the line. 

VIDEO BY: Devin Greene and Heather Crosby.

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