Harvesting Water with Warka Water

This year I traveled to Ethiopia — the cradle of civilization — to find sustainability stories for Planet Forward. At Addis Ababa University, I met Arturo Vittori, the co-creator of Warka Water, a device that pulls water from thin air in the form of condensation, allowing isolated villages to have access to clean water all year long. It's cheap, easy to assemble and portable, and Vittori thinks it could spread all across Africa. 

Warka Water largely speaks for itself, and that's because of it's elegant design and it's simple idea. Why can't we pull water from the air, instead of depleting all of our rivers and lakes? It's the same question solar panels are trying to address in the energy space: Why can't we harvest resources in a more sustainable way? The fact that Warka Water works, and that its design is simple enough to scale, makes for an exciting innovation. 


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