From the Farm to the City

Fact for the city dweller: Strawberries are not grown near your home year round.

The US food system is unsustainable – our food travels miles and miles to get to our plates via trucks and planes. Before industrial farming existed, America was nourished by small farms. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is rewinding time for us, and tying more and more urbanites to local farms.

Around the country farms have formed a unique partnership with city dwellers. Many small farms face challenges finding traditional funding, so when co-op programs and CSAs like Washington's Green Grocer or Farm to Family swoop in, growers are able to get their product to market. Urbanites invest in a share of the farmer's crop and in return receive fresh, nutrient packed food delivered, in some cases, directly to their doorstep. Communities and families come together around quality, local, seasonal food, sharing recipes and enjoying meals.

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