Could Palm Oil Biofuels Work?

Could there be a new source of biodiesel? This week our WEBISODE focuses on Dom Bosco Catholic University’s biochemistry laboratory in Campo Grande, Brazil.

Dom Bosco is experimenting with a plant called bocaiúva, a native palm. They believe the palm oil from the bocaiúva could yield a new source of renewable energy.

Plus, Planet Forward Expert and plant molecular biologist, Dr. David Lee, offers his opinion on palm oil.

MORE ON BIOFUEL: Planet Forward Innovator of the Year, Jamie Hestekin, updates us on his work with biofuel.

MORE ON DR. LEE: You can visit Dr. David Lee’s “Ask an Expert” page here or check out the website of his organization, ARPA-E.

FROM NBR: Planet Forward member, Eben Bayer, is making a typically petroleum-based product from an organic material that may surprise you.

IN THE NEWS: Could palm oil be doing more bad than good for the environment?

An article from suggests palm oil could drive deforestation in the Amazon.

Two girl scouts are certainly concerned. See what they’re doing to get palm oil out of their cookies.

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