TV Segments

Planet Forward produces segments for Bloomberg TV’s “Bloomberg West” TV show. Our pieces focus on energy, food and climate-related innovations and inventions from the Planet Forward community.

Catch the segments live, Mondays at 6:30 EST

This week, Planet Forward looks into Robojelly, a fascinating and sustainable ocean research innovation, designed by Dr. Shashank Priya and his research team at Virginia Tech.
Clean clothes without all the water wasted? One company in England thinks they've got a way to get those clothes sparkling with polymer beads.
This week on Bloomberg West, we look at how pipelines can be used differently to sustainably deliver water through difficult terrain, remote villages, or through natural disaster areas.
This week on Bloomberg West, Planet Forward's Frank Sesno explores the how algae can be used to consume harmful greenhouse gases and produce clean energy.
This week on Bloomberg West, Planet Forward explores the research of Illinois professor John Rogers and the fascinating world of transient electronics.
Have you ever wished that mobile devices did not need batteries? Well, your wish will probably come true. Zhong Lin Wang and his research team at Georgia Tech are developing shoes that can generate power and charge electronics using nanotechnology.
From lighter consumer products to car parts, recycled coconut shells are finding new life.
What if car engines no longer emitted greenhouse gases? Europe has been leading the way toward this dream, as countries like Germany have advocated for the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs)--by 2020, the German government is aiming to have one... Read More
Can money vanish into thin air? For some businesses, the idea is a ghastly specter; for others, a sober reality. Carbon Lighthouse, a startup based in San Francisco, works to plug up the money pits that curse operations directors. The company’s... Read More
Was that fuel created out of thin air? This week on Bloomberg West, we featured a company that says they've developed a way to take carbon in the air and turn it into fuel for cars!