Growing Food Inside the Store

Born and raised on a small farm in rural North Carolina, Ben Greene understands the complex journey of food—it must be harvested, packed, transported and cooled all before it makes its way to our grocery shelves. But, what if this entire system could be consolidated into one site? This is the idea behind The Farmery.

As The Farmery’s CEO and Co-Founder, Greene is on a mission to change the way we look at food. Referring to it as “The Willy-Wonka of Agriculture,” Greene’s vision behind The Farmery is a way to provide customers with an intimate opportunity to come in and see their food growing on the walls of the grocery and then cut, harvest and bag their own produce. By doing so, consumers are not only more in touch with their meals, but can create their own food story, which they are then a part of.

The Farmery is made up of shipping containers and greenhouse components. Living walls hang outside the shipping containers while gourmet mushrooms are grown on the inside. The plants are grown in clay pebbles instead of soil and the entire nursery functions on a water-based system, which combines elements of auquaponics—growing fish—and hydroponics, which refers to growing plants.

Focused on cultivating a completely new food experience, Greene feels that The Farmery has great growth potential in urban environments, empowering individuals to realize that when it comes to what we eat it is about quality over quantity.

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