Cars Fueled by Air?

It's not magic, it's chemistry!  That's what the chief executive of Air-Fuel Synthesis says about their fuel that's made, literally, out of thin air!

The company says they've developed technology that creates environmentally-friendly fuel for cars from carbon-dioxide and water.

Carbon-dioxide and water are captured, and through electrolysis, the hydrogen from the water is isolated.  It then reacts with the carbon from the air to make liquid hydro-carbon fuels.

This new type of fuel not only reduces the transportation industry's carbon footprint, but it also removes excess carbon from the atmosphere.

The fuel is currently being tested on race tracks.  The racing industry has actually been a leader in testing technologies not based on fossil fuels.

The creators of the hydro-carbon fuel hope to one day bring this technology to roads around the world, but because we currently lack the infrastructure to do so, it is very expensive.

What do you think?  Can you see this technology taking hold in the US?

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